Purple Twins – Original Clay Art Dolls

Wnaaamlaaa and June collect cat whiskers in a jar, which they keep in the refrigerator on the same shelf as ranch dressing and wasabe. On odd-numbered Tuesdays they takes stray dogs for walks in the park.


Size: 2.5: tall by 1.16″ wide (dimensions approximate)

Disclaimer: These original, one-of-a-kind items are art dolls, not toys. Yeah, that sounds kinda snooty, but they’re made of clay (Model Magic) and are just too fragile to play with unless you’re very gentle. They’re fun to sit on a desk or a shelf and look at or talk to, though. If they start talking back, however, we wash our hands of any responsibility. Don’t get them wet, keep them out of direct sunlight to preserve color, and never, ever feed them after midnight.


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