Happy Halloween!


I know this sounds strange, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love it more than Christmas. I love it more than Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect holiday. There’s candy, and staying up late, and creating a costume that you get to wear, and trick-o-treating, and parties — oh, and did I mention the candy?! My favorite color orange is used to decorate for Halloween too! And cats! Little black cats are everywhere! And spiders! I LOVE spiders! What other holiday lets you use spiders for decoration?!

OH! And did I forget to mention THE CANDY?!? Candy with no strings attached! As a kid, Halloween was pure magic! You put on a costume, walk around the neighborhood, knock on peoples doors, say “Trick or Treat!” and you are GIVEN CANDY, just because it’s Halloween.

Other holidays have all kinds of commitments and assumptions. Presents to buy. Places you must go. Foods you must prepare. Foods you must eat. People you have to be around, even though you’d really rather not. The older I’ve gotten, the the more I long for simple holidays. Halloween still represents that to me. A simple holiday, with little to no strings attached, oh, and did I forget to mention the CANDY?!?!?!?


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