I Love Getting New Art Supplies!

Wow! That was really fast! My supplies came in the mail yesterday from The Ukrainian Gift Shop! I must say, I’m very impressed with the speed of delivery. I bought some very basic supplies. Two kistkas (to apply the wax), a few beeswax cakes, some egg dye and a Blas-Fix.

The Blas-Fix is this nifty little device that you use to get all the egg out of the egg. With it, you only have to put one hole in the egg, instead of two. Another added benefit is that you don’t have to pass out or pop a blood vessel ‘blowing’ the egg. Bleh!

The Blas-Fix is the yellow (kind of scary-looking) thing in the picture. The green thing is a little driller/hole-puncher for the egg. The Blas-Fix is made in Germany. I used one when getting to make my own pysanki egg, and thought it was fabulous! The kistkas are the white and blue handled tools. I bought a medium and a fine to work with.

OH! Here’s my first attempt at pysanki!

I decided not to think so much about the design, and kind of free-form-zentangled it. I was going to make blue my last color, but a friend said she thought the black would look better, and she was right!

The last supplies I need are a few candles, some canning jars with nice tight-sealing lids for the dye and some wire egg-dippers (I think I’ll just make those). I can’t wait to get started!


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