My Little Helper

I have a cat named Indiana. Well, her full name is Indiana Piano Rabbit, so sometimes she’s Indy, sometimes she’s Rabbit, sometimes she’s Stinky Cat-Cheese….if you have a pet, you know what I mean. The longer you have them, the longer their list of bizarre nicknames becomes.

She’s also known as “Pillow Princess”.

She’s nosy. She’s chatty. She can be a total pain in the butt. She’s completely imprinted on me. I cleared out the doll bed in my studio that I used to put dolls I was working on in, because she likes to nap there.

I left the stuffed bunny on the bed. She likes to curl up to it when she gets cold.

Making sure that I’m not lonely in the studio!

She’s part Siamese, with some Balinese in there too, with a large measure of Alley Cat thrown in for good measure. I always say she’s the “best thing I ever stole“, now to clarify that, I didn’t actually steal her, but I didn’t exactly make it well known to her ‘owners’ that I had her either. You see, I was living in a really dodgy part of Albuquerque, in a rather dodgy apartment complex. Suffice it to say, most of the people there terrified me, especially the drug dealer next door. I was living on the second floor and my apartment looked down onto an atrium-like area that had studio apartments around it. There was a family with children living in one of these studio apartments. Lord knows why they got a kitten for their kids. If you have an entire family living in a studio apartment, feeding and caring for a cat is something you probably have no money for. At least four times a day, I’d hear one of the adults yell “Damned CAT!!!!” and pitch what looked like a tiny little white fuzzball outside, no matter what the weather.

Indy was about three years old in this picture.

I was taking a yoga class at the time and it met every Saturday morning at 8 am. One morning, on my way to my car that little white fuzzball made a bee-line for me. Mewing and being sweet and lovey. I picked her up and she purred and made little air-biscuits. I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I couldn’t just leave her there? Could I?! Decision made, I put her in my apartment and then went to my yoga class.

She sleeps in the sink and the bathtub when it gets hot.

At yoga, I chatted with some classmates before the instructor started. One woman said, “I see you have a cat!” I looked at her and said, “What?! How do you know?!” and she pointed at my shirt. In the middle of my white t-shirt was a perfect little paw print. It was directly over my heart.

I decided to keep the kitten.



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