He’s so Terribly Photogenic in the Morning!

I know that I just posted a pic of Gibson, so more pictures are going to make you think that I’m a little bit of a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ (which for the record, I am NOT. FIVE cats makes you CCL, and I have only FOUR. So there!)


Gibby was being very sweet this morning and actually let me get some fairly good pictures of him. I think the fact that he was curled up on the purple afghan that I haven’t moved in three days because every time I think of putting it away, there’s a Gibby curled-up sleeping so contentedly on it….


You can see he’s got his tail the above picture. When he’s super happy feels safe, he sucks on and licks his tail, all the while purring so very low and kneading with his front paws.


He sometimes will stop and just shove his nose in his tail and breathe. He’ll fall asleep like this too.


And you can see, he would really, really like to get back to sleep. The afghan is still in a big cat-bed-shaped wad on the couch, with Gibby sleeping on it.


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