Mirror, mirror….

A wish that I’ve had for almost 10 years came true during Christmas vacation. I have wanted one of my friend Gwenyth’s beautiful mosaic pieces since I first saw her work. I still remember sitting with Gwen at the end of a school year and deciding that we’d do a ‘work trade’; I’d make her a doll, and she’d make me a mosaic piece. We both knew it wasn’t going to happen in the near future, especially at the rate I can work on my own work while still teaching, but we knew it would happen sooner or later. Mirror Full Size

I finished and gave Gwen her doll earlier this past summer. She’s a world traveller, and I wanted to make sure I caught her between major trips! She was so pleased with her doll, she ordered some more! And brought friends of hers to me, and they bought dolls from me too! Wow! (Thank you!!!!!)


A week ago, Gwen came by the house with two mosaic mirrors for me to choose from. I was in total squeeee mode when Gwen showed me the first mirror. I chose it immediately. It’s called ‘Queen Victoria’s Garden’. I love the theme, the color the texture! It’s AMAZING!!!! DSC04584

I haven’t hung it up yet because I like waking up every morning and seeing it leaning on the wall beside my bed. This will have to change soon, because I finally have decided where I want to hang it, but want to make sure I have the correct wall mounting supplies before I hang it up!




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