Crayola Model Magic Clay


I use a lot of Crayola Model Magic in my artwork. I make all the little monster dolls out of Model Magic, as well as the Baby Dolls. I started using it in my classroom, when I couldn’t have students use ceramic clay. It’s easy to work with, the colors are terrific and the kids love it! I started messing around with it in my own work about five or six years ago.

I buy Model Magic is bulk. Each case having 75, 1 oz. packages of clay. I can get boxes of only white clay, and others that are red, yellow, blue and white. You can make any color you can imagine with the primary colors. I do buy black on occasion, for when I require a shaded color, like maroon, or navy blue. Here’s a picture of what the 75 count class pack cases look like:

5134707901pI like the smaller 1 oz. packages better than the 4 oz. packages that you can buy at stores like Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby. This clay can dry out quickly, and it will only ‘keep’ for about 10 to 11 days once the package is open. Once opened, extra clay needs to be stored in an air-tight container. I use small Ziploc baggies. Smaller packages means smaller amounts, but in the end, a lot less waste. (I hate wasting supplies.) I’ve ordered boxes of the 1 oz. class pack packages from Discount School Supply. They ship very quickly! The clay in the factory-sealed packages lasts a very long time too. Just don’t let it get too hot or let it freeze!


Some of the drawbacks of Model Magic are the fact that it’s not a very strong medium. It can break easily, especially if you’re being rough with it. On the bright side, it glues together like a dream with any kind of glue. (I prefer Aleene’s Tacky Glue.) The older formula of Model Magic dried very quickly, the new formula takes longer to dry, but the trade-off is that it’s a little sticky to work with. To combat this, I just let the clay sit out for little while uncovered. Model Magic also takes paint very well. I use acrylic on my own work, but I’ve had students use watercolor and tempera paint on their Model Magic sculptures. I’ve also recently discovered that Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pens (Moonlight, Metallic and Glaze, work on Model Magic too!

I’ve noticed that many major retailers are carrying Model Magic now, including Walmart, Target, Staples and my home-away-from-home, JoAnn Fabrics. The Crayola website has ALL the different Model Magic products for sale, and the Crayola site has some great activities for kids!

All in all, Model Magic is a great product that kids — AND adults love — so even if you’re mildly curious about it, go out and get some and give it a try! See what new and cool thing you can come up with!


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