This is Getting Out of Control

I’m beginning to think that I’m using modular origami as a stress reliever. There is something comforting about folding the Sonobe modules, over and over and over again, then making little stacks of them. I arrange the sticks in an order that makes sense to me, then start piecing the modules together, one puzzle piece after another until I have some wonderful polyhedron finished.

DSC05189 DSC05196 DSC05193 DSC05188The piece in the above picture was supposed to be a 30 unit icosahedron. It started turning into something else and I thought that it looked kind of cool, so I just went with it. The paper units were getting a little ‘tired’ in that I’d attempted to but together an icosahedron a couple of times, and had to take it apart; this made the folds less crisp, and look a little icky. SO….whatever this polyhedron is, it’s stayin’ put!

I capitalized Sonobe, because it’s the last name of Mitsunobu Sonobe, the person who created the Sonobe module. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to, but I thought if a person invents something, then their name should be attached to it, and used properly! I did find some information at the British Origami Society website about Sonobe. I also found some additional information about Toshie Takahama on the same website.


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