I Got a Package in the Mail This Morning!

The origami books I ordered came today! Yay! Two of them are for my students. Since beginning a modular origami unit with the 4th and 5th graders, some of the younger students, especially the 3rd graders, have asked if I can teach them some origami too!

DSC05206I think that my 3rd graders can handle some of the projects in the above book. The thing that I’ve noticed teaching origami so far is getting kids to be precise with their folds is sometimes difficult; they just kind of slap their paper down in the general direction it needs to go. To be precise, students need manual dexterity, and these days, some kids don’t have much of it. It needs to be practiced. Direction and orientation are also some things that students have had problems with. In my instruction, I’ve tried to break down the folds into geometric shapes that they can see and recognize. I know it’s not the traditional way to teach origami, but I’ll do what it takes to get the info into their heads and make them feel successful in their attempts!

DSC05207This book has some great diagrams in it. I want to make sure that students have a couple different sets of diagrams to look at, because not every student ‘gets it’ from the same kinds of instructions. Everyone learns differently. Some of the students in my classes I can already see have a learning style similar to mine; they have to have something in front of them to manipulate and then they can figure out how to put things together by messing around with them. The printed instructions don’t count for much for those students.

DSC05205I ordered the Tomoko Fuse book for myself, well partially for myself. It has different variations of polyhedra that looks like a lot of fun to make! Some of my 5th graders were interested in looking at variations on the Sonobe unit, and what other kinds of polyhedra they can make. This book has some neat pieces that use just the Sonobe unit!

DSC05208 DSC05209I think the two-piece units (using a Face and a Base put together) look really interesting. I’m going to need to sit down and practice them though! Some look really tough!


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