New Items on Etsy!!!

I finished all of the bunnies!!! They’re finished, photographed (I really do not enjoy, nor am I good at taking photos, so please be kind!) and put up on Etsy for sale!

DSC05444 DSC05457 DSC05460 DSC05464 DSC05468The pattern is taking a little longer than I expected, mostly because I wanted (needed) to sit down and just sew. I worked out some kinks and should have the pattern up for sale soon.

I also put up a few other creations for sale on Etsy as well. A few monsters….

DSC05490 DSC05496And a few miniature baby dolls…..

Baby4c Baby12 Baby8bI’ve tried to keep my prices as low as I can, knowing that not everyone has money to throw around on things like original artwork. It’s such a tough line to walk. I want people to like, buy and enjoy my work, but I still need to turn a profit, even a small one because artists have bills to pay too!

If you have any questions at all about any of the artwork posted here or on my Etsy site, please let me know!


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