Week in the Rear-View Mirror

I’m exhausted. Completely and totally. Physically, emotionally…..mentally (bleh). I’ve been on a dead-run for the last week. I’ve been getting up at truly un-Godly hours and going to work early, because I need the time to, well, work. I hit the wall during a class this morning. I seriously couldn’t think of a very simple (yet crucial) word while demonstrating a lesson to my second grade students. The word was ‘fold‘. My brain took the word fold, wrapped-it up in bubble wrap, stuffed it in a box and express-mailed it to some other part of my brain (which probably handles something like blinking or farting) never to be seen or heard from again. Ever.

The hours I’m working and lack of sleep are making me physically tired, but lack of time for my own creativity is taking a toll on me mentally and emotionally. I get home. I eat dinner. I’m falling asleep by 7:15 pm. Yeah. I’m tired of that. Big time.

The lesson that I’ve been teaching is a Dr. Suess-inspired lesson. I have students (K,1,2) use paper strips, scissors and glue sticks to create their own Dr. Suess-like Whoo-Ville house. Theodore Geisel’s birthday is March 2nd, so I usually wait until the end of the month to teach this lesson. I talk with the students about how it was Dr. Suess’s job to be an author and an illustrator, but he also made art (that he never showed people) just because he loved making art. Below is his painting “A Plethora of Cats”. I found it in the book “The Secret Art of Dr. Suess“. tumblr_lhkeskInyd1qzko6no1_400I feel a bit of kinship with Theordore (am I allowed to call him that?!), in that we both have creative jobs, but still just want to make art — our art — just because we want to. People may never see it, and even if they do, they may not like it, but we do it just the same. Yes, I teach art. I get to make art every single day, but teaching art to elementary aged kids isn’t the same as making my own art.

Ted_at_Easel.293105745_stdPeople have told me “You have too much time on your hands!“, in response to all of the creative things that I do. That is so not true. I hardly have any time at all for all of the art I want to make. I’m planning on going into my studio and not coming out until Monday morning. Hopefully, I’ll satisfy my need to create.


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