Itch, You Have Been (Partially) Scratched

DSC05603Berin and I ran errands after work yesterday. In our travels, we bought an Adventure Time disc. We watched a few episodes, then admitted to each other that we were both so tired we needed to go to bed. It was 8 pm. I was in my jim-jams, snoring and drooling by 8:10 pm on a Friday night.

The early night meant an early rise. I was in the studio working fairly early. I got a number of dolls together in short order. I still have two more pieced and ready to go for tomorrow’s studio day. Each of the dolls went together in about 45 minutes. I still need to make the little extra things, babies for the pockets, etc. I did make the fez and the bow tie for Beady Monster, because fez’s and bow ties are cool.

DSC05601DSC05606DSC05597I put them on the ever-growing pile of dolls in my studio. I really need these things to start paying some rent. I have the monsters piled on one side of the room and the bunnies on the other side. I sit and work in between them.



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