DDLM Doll Ya-Ya Version Sausage_Dress_Whole_Doll1The last of the three Day of the Dead Dolls, was inspired by a student that I taught about eleven years ago. He was one messed-up kid. Really. Seriously mess up. He was insanely talented, but preferred to spend his time…well….hmmm…’recreating’  with certain substances, if you catch my drift. One day in class, he drew (with a ball point pen, no pencil) one of the coolest cartoons I’ve ever seen. He had skeletons, on bikes, speeding though a surrealistic landscape, with nets and bags of meat strapped to their bikes. I was mesmerized by it. He actually let me look at it for something like three whole seconds before cursing at me and taking it away. (He used the F-word in, around or directed at me a lot.) I had been making dolls for years by the time I taught him in an art class, but the idea of sausages and skeletons….I couldn’t let that go! I made two of these dolls. I know I gave one to a mentor art teacher, but I have no idea where the other one ended up. Somewhere there’s a skeleton doll with bacon and eggs on her dress too.


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