IMG_20120716_132950I’m sorry for the poor quality of the above photo. This is a doll I made and sold a few months ago. I called her ‘Elizabeth’. I was watching ‘Cleopatra’ when I started the sketches for this doll, and unlike most of my dolls, I actually tried very hard to get her face as symmetrical as I could. The photo doesn’t due justice o the colors I chose for the embroidery work.

IMG_20120716_171748Weird. Elizabeth was a strange doll. I used a lot of influences from my childhood. First, my confusion about my Mum and Elizabeth Taylor. Mum looked A LOT like Elizabeth Taylor, especially when she was younger. The colors for the outfit are reds, whites and blues (with just a little yellow accent color). The entire color scheme of the house that I grew up in was red, white and blue (Turkish Dome Blue to be exact) — and my intense memories of the bicentennial in ’76. The doll looks more like a Cleopatra — a queen….furthering my confusion about my Mum…..her will being law and such and so forth.

The slightly freakish thing is that NONE of these things were in my conscious mind while I was creating this doll, nor did I tell the woman who bought her anything about these strange psychological facts. Huh. It’s almost like I created some kind of totem of my childhood. I wonder if I was trying to exorcise them from my soul? I guess art really and truly is my therapy.


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