Cinnamon Bunny

CinnamonBunny1This is the first sweater that I crocheted for a doll, well, the first one to come out the way that I intended it to come out anyway. The pants are made from some fabric my Mum sent to me. She’d cleaned out one of the drawers, or closets, or storage trunks in her house, found it and sent it on to me with a lot of other very cool vintage fabric. If memory serves, Mum made covers for the chairs in the living room out of this gold corduroy fabric. It reminds me of something Peter Brady would wear!

DSC05570DSC05573Taking pictures like this (to show details, or the back of a doll) always looks weird to me. My pictures end up making the doll look like they’ve either just been mugged or they’ve had too much to drink.

DSC05575I know it’s strange, but I have to add details like the buttons on the shirt the bunny is wearing, even though I know that it’s a detail that may never be seen. It would bug me to know it wasn’t there.


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