Front Walk Plants

This area doesn’t get a whole lot of sun, and isn’t that spectacular. I’m happy though that some of the plants that I put in last year have decided to return though!

DSC05833I know. Not incredibly impressive by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a million times better looking than when I moved in! It was an over-grown patch of weeds then!

DSC05835I got my little solar lights at the Dollar Store. Why pay $2.99 for one, when I can get two for $1.00?! The black metal thing is the bottom of a little shepherds crook hanger. I have a bird feeder hanging from it. Bella likes to sit in the window and watch the birds.

DSC05834The yarrow plant. Full of budding flowers. I wasn’t sure it would like this spot. I initially thought it was a little too shady, but it wintered-over just fine, and has lots and lots of green shoots in addition to all the buds.

DSC05837 DSC05838The spirea to the right of the front door is blooming beautifully this year! Last summer I pulled out all the dead undergrowth and little seedling weed trees from under it and tried my best to keep it free of debris. The forsythia right next to it just started to bloom as well, but just didn’t have very many little blooms on it.

I still have work to do. I need to decide what annuals to put in this year, and get in and move the rock around a little as well as weeding and fertilizing. Hopefully it will look even better by the end of this summer!


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