I Love Springtime!

Well, I didn’t really love springtime until I moved to New Mexico. Until then, I thought that I had two black thumbs and eight black fingers to boot! Every plant I tried to tend or manage or even babysit just shriveled-up and died on me. It was depressing. I felt like some kind of plant murderer.  I stopped buying plants of any kind. I didn’t want anymore plants to suffer under my care.

I’d been in the Southwest for about a year when I gave in and tried to grow some cacti. They didn’t die. I tried some succulents. They didn’t die either. In fact, they all thrived! I tried house plants like pothos (Yes, I could kill a pothos.) and I’ve got so many of them now, I’ve lost count! I have a fockea edulus — that I started from a tiny little bulbous baby tree trunk with one leaf sticking out of the top — and it’s gone NUTS! Leaves and vines everywhere!

fockea_edulis_gdThe above fockea isn’t mine, but it shows you what the plant looks like. Mine’s bigger, and more tree like. I need to snaps some pictures of it to post.


I spent part of my weekend outside. I moved the plants that I had wintered-over, back outside so they can enjoy the sun. I also cleaned up the patio and did some organizing. I made a list of what plants I’d like to get this summer, supplies that I need, etc. I know it’s not spectacular, but it’s not too shabby either!

DSC05929Three of the plants here I’ve had for almost thirteen years! The large gasteria on the top shelf (in the terra cotta pot), one of the haworthias (on the top shelf, in the red pot) and another hawortha (on the bottom shelf, in the orange pot). Now, just because I’ve had these plants a long time doesn’t mean I’m any kind of genius. I now try to pick plants that fit in the type of climate I live in, as well as easy care plants. Haworthias and gasterias are really, really hard to kill!

DSC05930I’m sorry that my recycling is in this shot! I put out the sanseveirias too! Another really hard to kill plant! I’ve had both of these two for at last seven or eight years. I bought them as little tiny plants and see how big they’ve gotten!

DSC05918The crown of thorns (in the yellow pot) I bought the weekend I moved in to this house, so it has to be three or four now. Euphorbia are very easy to grow. I don’t have all the plants out right now. I have more that I still need to move out this weekend.

DSC05927I’m going to get more of this Aftican daisy. It wintered over so well and is just blooming it’s little britches off right now! It was one of the first plants I saw poking it’s head out through the leaves this spring!

DSC05926My hollyhocks are growing so fast! This one already has a set of flower buds on it! The others are growing fast too! I know I’ll be planting more of hollyhocks!

DSC05923The yarrow’s (in the front, in a patch that I still need to clean up!) still going strong too! I have a strange little ‘no-mans-land’ about three feet by three feet on the back patio. I can’t get anything to grow there. I’m going to dig down a bit, add a lot of the lovely compost that I’ve been working on to it, and then plunk a couple yarrow and some hollyhocks in it and see if they like it. I know the hollyhocks will do fine. They love the hot, dry weather, so I’m guaranteed that at least one plant will survive and grow!

DSC05921The rose (to the east of the house) has bloomed too! The scent it heavenly! This little rosebush is the ONLY plant on that side of the house. It looks so lonely. I would really like to put something else in there, but it’s a matter of money right now. I really need to condition the soil, and add some top dressing to it — it addition to the plants. I hope I can come up with some moolah!

DSC05922So, not the most spectacular yard and garden, I know, but it’s going to look better this summer after I get to spend some more time on it!


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