Best Seat in the House Now

The house that we live in is a duplex. It’s not really an apartment, it’s more like a house, so I call it ‘our house’. I remember in the British show “Are You Being Served” that Miss Brahms said she lived in a ‘semi-detatched’ which sounds kind of like a duplex. My guess is that living in a stand-alone house in Great Britain at that time was thought of as being better than living in a flat?


For the past few months, Berin and I have been battling a toilet that will not stop running. The plumber came out a few weeks ago and said he fixed it, but all that meant was that instead of giggling the handle, now you had to firmly plant both feet on the floor, grasp the handle firmly in both hands, grit your teeth and pull upward with all your might to make the toilet stop running. I called our landlord again and this is what I came home to:

DSC06347A brand new, low-flow toilet! It’s like the toilet fairy came! It’s lovely! I think that the toilet that was in the house had to be from the 50’s, 60’s at the latest. It was really rather gross. Everyone is happy about the new toilet, except Indiana. She doesn’t like it at all. Her blue fuzzy toilet set cover doesn’t fit on it, and that’s where she sits in the morning to tell me about all the things she did the previous night. She’s been protesting very loudly about it and the fact that the plumbers fixed the leaky faucet in the bathtub and now she doesn’t have her own personal kitty water fountain anymore. Indy’s going to have to get used to it, because our landlord made me and my husband very, very happy!


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