Flashback Packing

I dread two times in the school year, packing-up all of my supplies and equipment and moving them into storage, and then moving all my supplies and equipment out of storage and to a new school and unpacking them. It is so not fun. Especially for a pack rat art teacher like me. I always seem to end up with a lot of little piles of ‘stuff’ that I can’t find a logical place for, or weird little bits of things that I would feel insanely guilty about tossing into the trash or recycling bins. “Oh! If only I hadn’t recycled all those strange strips of cardboard and ripped tin foil!

I discovered this morning that I’d made an error in the scheduling of my movers. I thought that I had scheduled them for today (the 21st) when in fact I scheduled them for the 23rd, first thing in the morning. School is over on the 22nd. I think my brain just wanted everything to be done, moved and over-with so badly, that I told myself the 21st, when I was really told the 23rd.

Sigh. If this is the worst thing that happens to me this week, I’m a very lucky woman.

So the packing and organizing continues. In fact, I’m almost done. Here’s what my ‘mountain’ looks like so far:

DSC06353 DSC06351 DSC06362I know. It looks like total and complete chaos, but I assure you, there are methods to my madness. I make sure everything is labeled with my name and inventory number, because most of the art teachers store their supplies in a central location, and sometimes things can get jumbled up together making moving in the fall rather confusing. The movers that we hire are really great too. They’re very careful and get things done so much more quickly that I can all by myself!

The added time for packing has given me some more time to clean out my visuals. I opened a box that I know I haven’t opened since the end of my first or second year teaching. I found some interesting things, including my first art room door sign.

DSC06360I know it seems unsentimental, but after I took this picture, it went straight into the trash. The laminate is coming off, the collage illustration is faded and it smelled funny. Not funny ‘Ha-Ha‘ but more like “Did a cat pee on this?” funny. It was weird to look at some of the lessons I tried to teach those first few years of teaching. Man. Some of those lessons were really bad! They joined the room sign in the trash. Destroying the evidence? Perhaps!

My packing will be done today, as well as the recycling. (The strange strips of cardboard and scraps of tin foil are all going!) Actually, the extra day is going to be beneficial. I can go over to my storage and make sure it’s all clean and ready for the movers to put things on my shelves, so their game of art supply tetris isn’t horrific!


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