Cake, Pie and Cheese Phase (Artistically Speaking)

DSC06380 DSC06382These are a couple of the pieces of my own personal artwork that I found while cleaning up and organizing my classroom for the move into storage this year. I cannot fathom why they were in with a bunch of classroom visuals. I can’t remember doing any kind of lesson in which they would have been used either. I know that I had a set of drawings that had animals discovering that they had some kind of food (cake, pie or cheese) appearing magically on them (I remember working on a cat and a bird too). It bugs me that I cannot remember exactly why I did them though. I mean, what was propelling me forward creatively speaking? I know I didn’t have a client or buyer.

I do remember the artistic phase I was in. I call it my “Cake, Pie and Cheese Phase“. I had some kind of ‘missing piece’ theme going on within it as well. I think I still have some other drawings and illustrations at home that were done during the same time period. I think that was around 1995-1996? I know I was living in New Mexico at the time. I know that I did a Mix Tape of the Month selection using these images and ideas. I created a Mix Tape of the Month Club as a way to keep in contact with my friends back East, and as a way to keep myself working artistically. I think I was working as a secretary at the time, so anything to keep me designing and illustrating was a plus.

The two paintings are acrylic on canvas board. I really don’t like painting with acrylics for illustration purposes. It dries too fast. There’s a quality to the dried paint that I don’t like and I can’t really put into words either.  When I do paint, it’s usually watercolor or gouache. Yes. I know. Watercolor and gouache?! I’ve had lots of people tell me how much they dislike having to work with them! One of the complaints I’ve heard is “It dries fast and I can’t move color around!

I’m not sure what I’ll do with these two pieces. The frames are salvage-worthy, so I may paint over them and use them for another piece. The canvas boards will probably be gessoed over and something else painted or drawn on them. Waste not, want not!


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