Cake, Pie and Cheese (Continued)

I dug around and found a few of the pieces that I remember doing for the Kathrn Johnson Mix Tape of the Month Club years and years ago. They all had cake, pie and cheese as a theme, along with women, and what was bouncing around in my mind about what it meant to be a woman in the US at the time.

I always included a letter:

DSC06502 DSC06505I didn’t have enough money for a ton of color copying, so a lot of the color work was done by hand. I used colored pencil a lot for this mix tape edition.

DSC06503 DSC06504 DSC06506I’ve always had a bizarre fascination with laminating. I have no idea where I got it from. Laminating can get a little pricey, so I would do what I called “poor art girl laminating”, which was using a really good, thick, clear packing tape, and putting it over just small parts of the finished piece. As an art teacher, I now have access to real laminating machines! OH! It’s heavenly to be able to laminate pieces of artwork with thick laminate!

DSC06509 DSC06511 DSC06512Acquiesce. I’m so surprised that I actually spelled that word correctly. I bet I had to look it up seventeen times before I actually got it right. The reference is to Apollo and Daphne. Apollo wants Daphne. Daphne doesn’t want Apollo. Apollo chases Daphne. Daphne begs her river god father to save her, and she gets turned into a tree.

DSC06510 DSC06515 DSC06513 DSC06514More of my crazy poor girl tape laminating. Design Haus Correct is what I more or less called myself by as a graphic designer and illustrator at the time.

DSC06516 DSC06517 DSC06520 DSC06521I was designing and binding a lot of books by hand at the time, and I decided to include a small book in with this mix tape selection. I still cannot figure out how I did the lattice-work stitching to bind this little book together. I think I did an edition of ten of them, I can’t remember. I do remember using a pencil eraser and a lavender ink pad for the page numbers.

I have actual cassette tapes with inserts that I also designed and illustrated as well, but I can’t find them. They’re buried somewhere in the storage closet I’m sure. It’s so strange to go back and look at artwork that you did years and years ago. Sometimes I think, “That’s not half bad.” and other times, I cringe and think “Oh God. Why did I do that?!?!?” I’m not sure yet where these pieces fall.


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