Kitty Twin Doll Details

DSC06601I vacillate between thinking these dolls are cute one minute, then creepy the next. I do know that I like the way that they came out. I finished the little aprons the other day, and then worked on the final little touches, like ribbons and jewelry for them, as well as deciding that they each needed a kitty for their laps. Those will be done fairly quickly, now that I’ve decided how I want to make the kitty bodies.

DSC06602Each doll got a pair of pearl earrings and a necklace with a pearl and a few other little bobbles on it. A lot of my dolls get pierced ears. Some of my dolls just don’t look right to me without earrings. I have no idea why either.

DSC06598I added some little laces on their boots too. I thought that they looked a little plain and needed something. The laces were it!

DSC06600The Twin Kitty Girls aren’t completely twins. I made one small alteration to their outfits so I could tell them apart. One got green buttons on her apron, and the other got pale pink. I know that selling these two dolls will be a long-shot at best, and I know that no one will want both of them, so I thought that this way, I could quickly and easily tell the difference between the two, just in case a buyer falls out of the sky and says “I’ll take that one!”

A girl can dream, can’t she?!


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