Little Siamese Kitty Dolls

DSC06631I decided to go in a slightly different direction with the little kitty dolls for the Kitty Twin Girls (Man. I need to come up with a better name for them.) and I must admit, I like these Siamese kitties a lot better than my first attempt.

I decided not to be so lazy, and I made a pattern. Pattern making is getting easier for me. It certainly makes it a lot easier to re-create something, which, ironically, is exactly what a pattern is for….so…..hmmm……


DSC06635I attached moveable legs on the kitties with buttons and added whiskers made of fishing line. I had a hard time not appliqueing all the felt pieces, like the nose, the ears and the little pink foot pads. I just felt like the pieces were too small, and that the stitches would look huge. I made sure to evenly coat these pieces with Aleene’s Clear Tacky Glue to attach them and I think it turned out okay.

DSC06658DSC06660I like how the hand-stitching shows on these little kittens. Somewhere in my recent reading, I came across a doll makers quote (paraphrased here) in which she was rather emphatic about “Use your sewing machine! Don’t do everything by hand! You don’t have to!” I use my machine a lot. Mostly for the clothing that goes on my dolls, but for the dolls themselves, I sew them completely by hand, and either embroidery or applique the faces by hand as well. I prefer to work this way. I want my pieces to look handmade. I derive a great deal of pleasure sewing by hand; it’s meditative for me. Sewing with the machine is faster, I just don’t want to do it all the time.

DSC06669DSC06670I’m not exactly sure why I made these three kittens all Siamese, but I’m glad I did. They look really cute with the Kitty Twin Girls. They do exactly what I want them to do, sit and look cute!


2 thoughts on “Little Siamese Kitty Dolls

    • I resisted using a sewing machine for a long time. I tried making a doll with the machine and I didn’t like the way it looked. The clothing is all I’ll use the machine for. I’m really not fancy with the machine either! Basic stitches only!

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