Creative Purge

DSC06702 DSC06704I can’t speak for every creative person on the planet, but sometimes, after a long time of not being creative (making my own art for myself, in an effort to keep myself somewhat sane), I start working on things that I know I shouldn’t be working on. The kind of projects (dolls) that I can totally back-burner. While at the same time, I have other projects in my lap, screaming at me to work on them, so I can finish them and send them to the people who have ordered them. I suppose that this is an unfortunate by-product of having to work a teaching job, a ‘regular job’,  that requires 100% of my creativity and time for most of the year. Everything that I want to do creatively just for me gets pushed to a few weeks in the summer, when I have real time to devote to it.

Sometimes I wonder if I could ever make a living just making art and selling it. Instead of dividing myself into teacher and artist categories, I could just be an artist, period. All of my time and energy put into different creative projects that I would have more than just a few weeks too work on; I could do it full time. What kinds of art could I produce if I didn’t have to split my attention? Would that work sell? Could I really make a go of it?

Then (sigh) reality sets in. I need steady money for rent and utilities and food. I need medical and car insurance. I have to have a teaching job to guarantee me those things, otherwise I don’t get to do any art at all. I need the stability of a regular job. It’s not so bad. I do love teaching, and it’s not so lonely with all the thousands and thousands of people in the exact same boat.


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