DAW Science Fiction Book Love

My husband and I are fairly regular patrons of a local book store that sells new and used books. More books is better than fewer books in our minds, so we tend to buy a lot of used books. Berin and I both read a lot of science fiction. When we cruise the sci-fi aisles of the book store, I’m usually scanning for yellow spines withe a small logo at the top of the spine. A DAW’s publication. You can see from the picture below, the yellow spines stand out. (These aren’t my books though.)

537167_10151499239184333_1501191302_nAt first, one of the reasons I was singling out DAW titles was because of the cover art. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but that’s more or less what I was doing. The more interesting the cover art (coupled with a fairly good blurb on the back) the more likely it was that I’d buy and read the book. Sometimes the stories are really good, and then other times deliciously bad. Last week, I picked up a book called ‘Promised Land‘ by Brian Stableford.

Promised Land StablefordThe cover art was too good to pass up, and even though I’d never heard of Brian Stableford, my husband had, and assured me that I’d like his work. It’s not a huge book, around one hundred and seventy or so pages, so it’s a quick read. What struck me initially is how much the story has in common with the Firefly universe. There is talk of the ‘core planets’ and some less lawful worlds (not adhering to the Laws of New Rome) that are out on the edge of the rim. Even the main character, Grainger strikes me in some ways as a very Malcolm Reynolds kind of anti-hero as well. The way that they describe the ship the Hooded Swan even reminded me of the Serenity. Then Berin found this:

Rapsody Alt CoverStableford Covers2This is the second book in the series. The front part of the ship looks like Serenity. Now, I could be drawing all manner of incorrect conclusions here. I could be seeing things that simple aren’t there. I googled ‘joss whedon brian stableford’ and got a strange hit. Evidently, Stableford has written a book called ‘Firefly‘, (it’s gotten a couple icky reviews) but it has nothing to do with Joss Whedon, or the Firefly universe. Okay. That’s weird, right?  Hurmmm….. I’m seeing things that aren’t there, aren’t I?


It is nice to find a new (to me) author and ‘Promised Land’ is part of a six part series of books, so I have more to look forward to reading.


2 thoughts on “DAW Science Fiction Book Love

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