Hot Dog!

Yes. I know the title of this post about a hot dog restaurant isn’t exactly original (insert eye roll here), but the food is! Last week, Berin and I headed over to the West Side to Kaboom Test Labs to see a Tardis (Yes, a Tardis.) After we we were done with pictures and shopping, we popped into a place call Urban Hotdog Company for some lunch.

The food was amazing! I know, it’s ‘just a hotdog‘ but they don’t make just hotdogs. They have some really unique hotdog creations on their menu, like the Tiger, topped with Asian slaw, spicy dried peas, and pea shoots on a sesame seed bun, or the Crafty Dog, topped with mac ‘n cheese and bacon.

We each got a hotdog and a big drink and split an order of garlic and rosemary fries.

DSC07318I got a slaw dog. I love slaw dogs. This one had BBQ sauce on top of the slaw! It was delicious! I don’t think I ever would have put those two things together like that. Keep napkins handy because I made a mess of myself eating this hotdog!

DSC07317Berin got the Chicago dog and the description of “dragged through a garden” was correct! It was loaded with fresh onion, tomato and green pepper, and served with a dill pickle wedge and a pepper on top. We each went with the all beef hotdog, which after eating turkey hotdogs from the stores (I’m not trashing them, I’m just noticing a difference in flavor…) left me feeling like the turkey dogs were a little wimpy. Their menu has a ton of great options for everyone, even a vegetarian offering called a Bahn Mi that you can get with a tofu dog!

Berin and I were impressed not only with the food, but the service as well. The staff was very attentive and polite. A staff member who was cleaning the dining room offered to take our trays and trash for us, and made sure to ask if we were enjoying our meal and to ask if we needed anything. I was very impressed. We’ve decided to add the Urban Hotdog Company to our list of local restaurants that we dine at regularly. We both recommend it highly!


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