Dictionary Love

I’ve been in love with the little illustrations in my Mum’s ‘New College Dictionary’ (published sometime in the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s) for a very long time. I started scanning in some of the illustrations that I love the most. No surprise, most of my favourites are the animal illustrations.Secretary Bird Sloth Skylark Wombat

Badger  Bear - Black Rabbit - Cottontail  Crawfish Elephant - African Fox Ermine Wolverine These illustrations are really very small. Only about an inch or so high by about an inch and a half wide. They turned out, for the most part pretty well. I think I’ve scanned and corrected around a hundred of them so far. I still can’t find any illustrator credits though. Some of the illustrations look like they were done by the same artist, and then others look like they were copied from another artist. Like another artist was brought in after the original artist and told to make all the illustrations look similar in style.

Skeleton ZodiacI’ve also scanned in other illustrations besides animals, but I don’t have many of them corrected and cleaned-up yet.


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