A Visit to Kaboom Test Labs West

My husband and I paid a recent visit to Kaboom Test Labs. We had a great time! We went on the last day they were having a Tardis on display!

DSC07295 DSC07300It was so cool to be able to walk right up to a Tardis and see it close up! We were even allowed to go inside it to see some of the signatures of past Doctor’s and Companions! I’m sorry the pictures are a little strange, my camera was making a big fuss about the lighting.

DSC07290 DSC07289 DSC07286Jamie! Squeeee!!! Jamie’s autograph! He was such a cool companion to the 2nd Doctor! (Patrick Troughton) I just wish my camera wouldn’t have been acting so blasted squirrely!!!

One of the reasons we even knew that the Tardis was going to be at Kaboom was because Berin saw the truck pictured below:

DSC07311You can see, there’s a little light on the top of the cab too! I think that part of the reason I find this so funny is because I live in New Mexico, where hot air ballooning is a big thing, and balloon “chase crews” are everywhere during peak ballooning times of the year. The drivers usually looking up instead of at the road, but that’s a topic for another time.




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