Katie’s Story

Katie doesn’t want to be famous; that’s why her husband Berin operates this site. She wants her art to speak for itself, and for people to enjoy it for what it is, not for who she is. She wants people to be passionate about the things that she’s passionate about, but to care because those are important things to care about, not because she cares about them.

Raised by an elementary school teacher and a United States Marine drill instructor who was also an historian and an artist, Katie was brought up to believe in the importance of both education and creativity. She attended the Herron School of Art and Design (now part of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis), where she graduated with a degree in fine arts and specialized in printmaking and visual design.

After spending several years as a successful commercial artist, she began to get burned out sometimes inexplicable and often creativity-killing demands of the corporate world and wanted to do something meaningful. She went back to school, at the University of New Mexico, and got her post-Bachelor’s degree in art education. Although certified to teach everything from kindergarten through high school, Katie chose to focus on the elementary school level. For a decade, she has chosen to work in schools with low income and at-risk populations.

Katie’s pop, the Marine, had once predicted that she would marry later in life, and that it would seem to other people that she got married quickly. In 2011 she more of less eloped with Berin, whom her family had only learned she was dating three months earlier. They had known each other for over a year, having met through mutual friends, and shared a ton of mutual interests. When they started dating, they become each others’ best friend, joined at the hip, and a long courtship just didn’t seem necessary.

For the other side of things, read Berin’s Story over at his blog.


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